I went to hear the 610’s at Southern Ground in Nashville. The moment the front door of the studio opened and I heard the sound coming down the hall I knew I would be saying goodbye to my ProAc’s.
(Atomic SixTen Monitors)
— Craig Alvin, Grammy Award Winning Engineer, Mixer, and Producer - Nashville
Thanks dude!!! You seriously changed my career with these speakers. I’m getting more first pass mix finals than I knew were possible. Haha”.
(Atomic SixTens)
— Will Pugh - Nashville, TN
The speakers are just killer! I have several different pair and they are the best! I can’t imagine mixing another record with out them!
— Collin Dupris - Nashville and Detroit based multi Grammy nominated and Grammy winning mixer, producer, and engineer
Lowered noise floor and improved reliability

(Atomic 9j/k XL PSU)
— Joel Gette - Chief Engineer - No Interference Studio/VP Operations Thermal Relief Design - Las Vegas
They’re really full sounding without being overbearing and they’re very non-fatiguing. They just play music the way I hear music. Love em! Plus the ability to dial in the bass just right really helped in my small, weirdly shaped control room. Completely clean sounding without any of the smear or holes in the low end that we had with our previous monitors and sub.

(Atomic SixTen Monitors)
— Jason Todd - Brooklyn, NY

As far as a testimonial goes;
       My staff and I were reminiscing the other day about our time before we bought the Atomic Inst. power supplies. Those were days of pure terror when we had  important sessions coming in. Our old SSL powers were blowing out on a regular basis and I would walk into the studio first thing in the morning holding my breath checking to see if our SSLs were still on and functioning. Rax Trax hosted a  fantastic Alan Parson’s seminar a couple years ago and my stress level in the days preceding the event were through the roof. I kept imagining the power supply  blowing out with Alan Parsons behind the board. Yikes! What a friggin’ nightmare. Luckily nothing happened but that’s stress I can do without. Since both our SSLs now have your power supplies I am eating well, sleeping better, and walking into the studio in the morning whistling a happy tune!
            THANKS for building a great power supply

(Atomic S1 PSU) & (Atomic S2 PSU)
— Rick Barnes        Owner of Rax Trax Recording - Chicago,Ill
The thing works like a dream and it seems like even makes the console work better! Lol. Thank you guys very much for everything Misty. Please tell Norman thank you for us too you guys both made this so easy on us and we couldn’t be happier with your product!!

(Atomic S1 PSU)
— Tony - Third and James Studio - Denver, CO
We love our Atomic for our SSL 4072G.  It simply does what you said it would.  Hard to find a product that lives up to the hype these days.

(Atomic S2 PSU)
— David Backus - Warehouse Studio - Vancouver, BC
The power supply is a champ and I don’t know that we could be any happier with it!  Amazing engineering.  We have had to power up and down so often while setting up the space and we didn’t have to worry if the console would power up or not!

(Atomic V-Series PSU)
— Josh Gray - Ivy Hall Studio - Nashville, TN
I haven’t done much more than test the studio and hear the result. Which is still making me scratch my head!
I’m still convinced there’s some dark science here in your psu!! How do I go from 2 20 amp commercial supplies to a single domestic supply and a 5 amp fuse. Still powered on. No interruptions!!!....... 

(Atomic V-Series PSU)
— Dave Palmer - Graffite Productions - Surrey, U.K.
Wish we had more SSLs to swap power supplies with the Atomic ones. Not only have our rooms improved sonically, but we are also saving on power consumption. And the peace of mind we get when there is a power outage is PRICELESS.

( 2, Atomic 9k XL PSU’s and Atomic S2 PSU)
— Sandra Stevenson, Chalice Recording Studio Manager - LA
We love our Atomic!! Couldn’t run a home studio without it.
Cheers and keep up the good work.

(Atomic S1 PSU)
— Ted Sevdalis - Sound Lens Studio - Toronto
I can smell Lou Reeds breath..

(Atomic SixTen Monitors)
— Jake Bass - Bassment Sound - Detroit
I’m dying! These are great!

(Atomic SixTen Monitors)
— Warren Defever - Third Man Records - Detroit
Thank You Atomic Instrument! Your Products are top notch! Our NEVE can not be happier with the electrical juice your power supply feeds, and now I can mix on my MAIN monitors thanks to the Atomic 1015! Thank You!
— Kostadin Kamcev - Mozart Studio - Little Falls, New Jersey
First time hearing the Atomic Instrument SixTen monitors tonight. Genuinely sounded great, very detailed and controlled and the rear woofer design detail is a nice touch. Quite unlike anything else out there (in a good way)!
— Phill Scholes - Vice President of Technical Operations at Solid State Logic Inc.
I had the guys at Atomic Instrument build a new power supply for it which made a surprising difference (for the better) in the way it sounded. I wouldn’t have believed it until i experienced it. Good Power is certainly the foundation of a good sounding desk.
— Submergent Recording - Middletown, NJ
Our studio purchased a new power supply for my SSL from a company called GRS, only to receive a product that was nothing more than a display piece that—when hooked up—caused my entire console to begin to smoke. The company was selling fake supplies for thousands of dollars to recording studios all across the U.S. As a last ditch effort, we reached out to Atomic to see if there was anything they could do to turn my poor purchase into a functioning supply. Norman at Atomic had me send in my GRS supply. When he received it, he took a look inside and informed us that it was a lost cause. Out of the kindness of his heart, he offered to gut the supply and rebuild it himself for cost using Atomic parts. Norman turned our $4k in sunk costs into a success story. Our studio would have been in a real tough spot if it wasn’t for Atomic’s help. This is a great company of passionate people who operate within a respectable code of ethics. As the owner of Plush Recording Studios , I give Atomic my highest recommendation.

(Atomic S1 PSU)
— Ian Gagnon - Plush Studio - Orlando, FL
Since May I have been powering up & powering down my console daily without a single problem! Your power supply is amazing. So far it seems bullet proof. I have noticed a very welcome bump in the bottom end of my console and wanted to thank you guys for building this great power supply! Also, the power consumption is WAY DOWN! I’ve estimated it cost me less than $1.00 (ONE DOLLAR) an hour to power my console!!!
Many Thanks,
— Tom Lord-Alge
The S2 works awesome!
I definitely noticed the noise floor has dropped!
We used to have a very slight hum when using the SSL power supply, with the S2 the hum is no longer there!
I did A/B some mixes today and didn’t notice a huge difference.
I thought the S2 made the mixes just a touch punchier!
I love it…
I am very happy!
— Tom Lord-Alge
“Norman you are messing with my mind! I would have definitely bought these if I didn’t buy your large system”.
(Vance ended up with both Reactors and SixTens)
— Vance Powell, American-four time Grammy Award winning record producer, engineer and mixer - Sputnik Sound - Nashville, TN
The SixTens surpass all of my hopes and expectations. The detail in the midrange is insane, and I haven’t heard accurate low end information out of a speaker like this before. They sound amazing In my room and the SixTens make me a better engineer. THANK YOU.”—
— Nolan Rossi - Nashville
The moment I bought up audio on the old 4000-E, the noise floor had improved 200 % (maybe thats a bit exaggerated, but thats what it sounded like), the authority of the solidness of the imaging has improved dramatically

The VCA’s are so solid, its unbelievable, it just reeks of “Authority” Like the SSL console, which now (after all these years) has a full tank of petrol, and more.

I bought all faders up to 0, master etc, and turned the main master volume monitor control up to full …. (scary), to a point where if I had audio passing through … it would have sent my ATC SCM-50 drivers to the rear wall of the control room, without the cabinets, or the Barefoots, would have simply melted.

You know what ….. not even a buzz could be heard !!!!

Scary stuff, for an old SSL owner, which did say to me the quality of both units, with good Power, the SSL is a total quiet beast, more headroom that you could imagine with the old PSU’s …

Totally brutal quality, which is how I like to make records.

Well done Atomic !

Saved my bacon.

— Mick Wordley, owner, engineer / producer - Mixmasters Productions, Hawthorndene, South Australia
“I wasn’t even in the market for new monitors till Norman Druce brought by a pair of SIxTens to display at a party that we were hosting. I was instantly blown away by the clarity, depth, and low-end for such a small speaker. I constantly get asked if I have a sub. I don’t buy much gear anymore, but these monitors were a ‘must-buy’ for me, and have changed the way I mix, and enjoy music.”

— -Mitch Dane Producer, Engineer, Owner of Sputnik Sound - Nashville
What is not to love about our new Atomic power supply! Replaces two original supplies and is using less than half the power we were using before! Each of the two original supplies were pulling roughly 13 - 14 amps. Now the entire console is pulling only 12 amps. The noise floor dropped, and I no longer stress about what is happening with our power during a storm.

I wish I changed over to the Atomic years ago!
( Atomic S2 )
— - Pete Benjamin, Engineer, Owner of Spin Studio - NYC
Fantastic SBD power supply for our BBC Maida Vale SSL console at Essex Recording Studios! Dramatically lowers the noise floor and power consumption. Top quality. Expensive, but totally worth it guys! Come bring your desk into the 21st century!
(Atomic SBD)
— Keith Gannon, Engineer, Owner of Essex Recording - UK
These speakers sound awesome!
They are accurate and powerful at the same time. The sub bass is phenomenal and really tell me exactly where the bass sits in the mix. I
found myself wanting to spend more time on our house mains than any other speakers! Our engineers are raving about how they sound.

(Atomic Instrument H212 Studio Monitors)
— Greg, President , The Disc Ltd. - Detroit, MI