Atomic Instrument S1

34 atomic final blue light crop.jpg
34 atomic final blue light crop.jpg

Atomic Instrument S1


The S1 Replace 2 661 SSL power supplies and the change-over. 

The S1 is our best seller and has had many improvements since we first starting testing it’s prototype around 6 years ago.

There are over 100 S1’s running strong all over the world! 

It now has almost twice the power and improved filter design for an even lower noise floor with your beloved SSL E/G. 

The S1 can power up to 64 channels with E and 56 with G/G+ Desks while saving over 1750 watts of energy and removing over 1750 watts of heat from your machine room, requiring far less air conditioning! 

As all of our PSU’s the S1 can run off any A.C. from 100 to 250 volts @ 50/60hz with no adjustments required. It uses 2 standard SSL D.C. (Bicc) connectors and can be installed in about 15 minutes. 

$4999.00 add $200 if your desk has plasma (barograph) metering.

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