One of the best studio gear decisions I’ve ever made. I absolutely love my Atomic!
— Bob Clearmountain
Since May I have been powering up & powering down my console daily without a single problem! Your power supply is amazing. So far it seems bullet proof. I have noticed a very welcome bump in the bottom end of my console and wanted to thank you guys for building this great power supply! Also, the power consumption is WAY DOWN! I’ve estimated it cost me less than $1.00 (ONE DOLLAR)  an hour to power my console!!!
Many Thanks,
— Tom Lord-Alge
The supplies are amazing from Norman.
— Roy Hendrickson, Avatar Studios
Mine gave another life to my 4K! Thanks Norman!
Now, I never go to bed with the feeling that old SSL power supply could burn up during the night!
— Antoine Selle
10 out of 10 -
(Atomic Monitors)
— Multi Grammy Award Winning, Dave Cobb - Nashville, TN