Atomic Instrument Silent PSU "SBD2"

Atomic Instrument Silent PSU "SBD2"


Atomic Instrument Silent PSU "SBD2”

Our newest SSL power supply is designed to run SSL E and G desks in studios that do not have a machine room. It uses ultra low noise fans and is near silent.

It can be used openly in the control room with your E or G console, up to 64 Channels.

The SBD2 can save up to 2000 watts of energy and remove 2000 watts of heat from your studio, requiring far less air conditioning! 

As all of our PSU’s, the SBD2 can run off any A.C. from 100 to 250 volts @ 50/60hz with no adjustments required. It uses 2 standard SSL D.C. (Bicc) connector and can be installed in about 15 minutes. 

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