An Open Letter to Atomic Friends and Customers:

We have good news and bad news.

The bad news - Atomic Instrument is, regrettably, in the process of shutting down.

Due to unfortunate circumstances, and disagreements at a basic level, I find myself unable to continue my involvement in, or lend my name to, this business venture. Although, I will continue to use my Atomic to power my SSL every day, as I’m sure you will. At this point, we’re collecting final payments and shipping out customer units for everything that has been ordered. We can no longer accept orders through the Atomic website.

It's been an incredible few years, as Atomic has grown from an idea to a successful company with customers all over the world. I will be forever grateful that top talents in our industry have found the Atomic supply to be a major asset to their studios. Yet, as it sometimes happens, differing goals of the partners have led to different expectations and paths of business. These things happen.

The good news- no one is going to be left hanging. Going forward, Norman Druce Audio will be making and maintaining power supplies, and has agreed to honor the Atomic warranty.

A lot of people told Norman that the Atomic supply was impossible. Norman’s talent for ignoring those people and making things that work is unparalleled. Norman Druce Audio, I trust, will continue this path and I wish him the best of luck. He will remain the point of contact for any power supply questions, warranty issues and the like…although I will always welcome an email or phone call!

So, thank you. This has been a hell of a ride and we can’t tell you how much the support means to us.